Thursday, 24 April 2008

A small scratch?

The Great Big Infertility Clinic requires all couples to have an HIV & hepatitis test before starting a cycle of treatment. After our unfruitful meeting with Dr Knows Best on Monday, we duly trooped off for our blood tests.

I drew the short straw, and got the evil, stabby nurse, who took two attempts to find a vein. By Tuesday morning, I had a huge bruise on my left arm. If you factor in the additional bruise I have on my right wrist after one of the students hit a nerve in yesterday's acupuncture session, I look like I've already been through the IVF mill - and all this before I even draw up a syringe of Menopur!

Mr H, on the other hand, got Nurse Small Scratch. There is not a mark on him.

While I don't want to wish unnecessary pain and suffering on my husband, this does strike me as somewhat unfair!


luna said...

ouch. there was one nurse at our clinic who I tried to avoid at all costs. and I got the nastiest bruise one time after acupuncture that lasted like 2 weeks. yuck. ~luna said...

I think I met that same nurse (or her Australian cousin) last week. I got splashed with blood in theatre last week (big drama) and had to have a battery of tests (all fine by the way) in addition to the IVF and acupuncture (more bruises).

No more blood tests now until 7 May - the big one.

I think you should convince Mr H that he owes you something nice for taking the hit from Nurse Stabby.