Thursday, 10 January 2008

Second appointment

This morning saw our second visit to the Great Big Fertility Clinic. Dr Abrupt wasn't on duty this time, so we got to see Dr Approachable instead, which meant that I had a chance to raise some of the questions I didn't feel able to ask during our last appointment. The scan confirmed that I was ready to start the stims, and the nurse taught us how to administer the Menopur injections. Having shown us how to prepare the shots, she then did the first one for me, so I have still to get over the hurdle of injecting myself - I'm sure tomorrow morning will find me dithering anxiously in the bathroom, syringe in hand!

Our next scan is scheduled for a week today, with the retrieval tentatively planned for 21 January - gulp!

We were done at the clinic by just after 9am, and I then popped into work to collect a pile of marking. Because Mr H had taken the whole morning off work to come with me, we decided that we had time for a quick trip to IKEA to purchase an extra bookcase to house our ever-burgeoning book collection. Two years ago, we bought a new kitchen from IKEA. I will not re-hash the whole sorry tale again, but suffice it so say that I made so many trips backwards and forwards from IKEA at that time to choose the kitchen, order the kitchen, pick up extra pieces of the kitchen that were not delivered at the time, and to return bits of the kitchen that we did not order, that I am now like Pavlov's dog - as soon as I draw into the carpark, I start salivating because I think I am going to get a hotdog soon!

My aim is to get my marking done before I go back for my next scan. Am now accordingly eyeing up the pile of essays with trepidation - did I actually manage to teach the students anything at all last semester?


luna said...

glad you are on the path. very exciting! it seems to go a bit slow at first, but as someone told me, as you soon as you start stimming it all goes pretty fast. jan. 21 will be here before you know it. good luck with the injections! ~luna

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Hope all goes well with Dr Approachable (if indeed you get that one again) on 21 Jan. And hope that by magic the assessments get marked with limited pain: marking is one of the few things I miss not one jot about teaching.

Malloryn said...

Best of luck with the injections! At least you are now firmly on your way. I must admit that I love IKEA as well, though my husband feels like a lab rat in their stores. :)