Friday, 28 December 2007

The devil makes work for idle hands

Mr H has taken the period between Christmas and New Year off work. He has decided to take this opportunity to re-build our home PC, and to upgrade to Windows Vista.

When I work, I surround myself with pieces of paper - previous drafts of chapters, photocopied articles - as well as great tottering stacks of books. I look at my desk, and see a carefully ordered work in progress. Mr H looks at my desk, and sees a mess, which needs to be cleared out of the way before he can begin to check his email or do anything else on the computer.

The Great Upgrade has been going on for several days, and is apparently now pretty much complete. The PhD has survived intact, and I now have email again. Chapter Three, however, is still randomly piled up in a corner of my study.

All this does explain why I have not had a chance to thank all those who took the time to stop by and wish me luck for our first appointment. I really do appreciate all your kind words of support: somehow, it is easier knowing that I am not the first person to go through this process.


Meghan said...

I hate when my Mr H gets a project in his always takes forever and never turns out how either of us wanted. Glad the PhD is still in one piece!!

luna said...

I'm a "pile" person too. Hopefully yours survived in tact. I hope some of your questions were answered during your appt. I had a huge long list. And yes, the bigbox is pretty intimidating. I got sick to my stomach when I first saw all those needles. And oh, never ever read those leaflets that come with the drugs. that's my two cents on one way to stay sane during this process. that and get some help with the injections if you can (since you apparently hate needles as much as I do). once you get the stimulation part it goes pretty fast... ~luna